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I have used Steele Rubber for a number of items in the past and have been very happy with their products. However, I just came across Metro Moulded Products. They have a couple of items that Steele doesn't have plus their prices are somewhat lower on the items where there is overlap with Steele. Does anyone have experience with Metro?


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Guest KeithElwell


I have bought several items from Metro and quality looks good. Don't yet know how well the rubber compound holds up over time since I don't have my car on the road. But the same could be said for Steele (I don't know how it holds up).

I have a friend that also has a 1936 Buick Coupe and he believes 100% in I&I Reproductions, Inc. They sell Chevrolet parts 1929 - 1954 and they are licensed GM direct manufacturer. Many parts are common to Buick. They don't have an online store but you can order their catalog online. I am actually about to order the catalog myself now.


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