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Coils Springs


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Now I have brakes. Now as I am able to drive I have found out that (after replacing back shocks) the car bottoms out on the tire. Seems the coil springs are weak. Are there places to get replacement springs, recondition them like can with leaf springs, of reinforce them? Thanks for any help in this area.

Bruce Schubert

1990 TC White/Ginger 3.0

1964 Chrysler 300 Sport

1964 Chrysler 300 K Coupe

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I would have thought that if the coils were gone too weak the car would be sitting low. It sounds to me like you have the wrong shocks. There is a lot of different shocks on the market, check with your supplier and find out whether the shocks were heavy duty double action or single action. It will make a difference.

The other item is questioning if they are bottoming out or if the rubber pads mounted above the coils in the front towers have failed. If these pads fail it will cause a lot of knocking type noise in rough surfaces.

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