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Importing a Collectable Car: Frequently Unasked Questions

Ivan Saxton

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There is a fascinating account of Scott Bartle's continuing difficulties in importing a very nice 1959 Chev Corvette for his own recreational use. Simplest way I can give you to access the Youtube video is to enter "Scott Bartle: Frequently Un-asked Questions" into Google. ( Someone more skilled than I may then be able to attach the blue link, because my transciptionmay cause error.)

This very well illustrates what happens when democratic constitutional government and public service are fraudulently transformed into corporations registered in the capital of another country, without the knowledge and consent of the people. ( And in Australia, We the People hold the supreme uncontrollable Sovereign authority ).

You will enjoy the car, and the quality of the work that has been put into it. For the rest, it is a salutory lesson to us; though I am not sure how we are going to fix it.

Regards, Ivan Saxton

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There are hundreds of collector cars imported to Australia from the USA every year with no difficulty ( we even enjoy the benefits of a free trade agreement between the 2 countries ).

Sorry, I became instantly bored with the You Tube offering and would suggest it will be of no interest to a USA Classic Car Forum.

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My take on this ....

Air conditioning was not an available factory option on a 1959 Corvette .....

Don't modify or purchase a modified classic car manufactured in the States

( while it is still in the states ) and then attempt to import it into Australia without having problems ....

Do use a rebutable and established Shipping Agent familar with current import/export regulations

I watched the first 5 minutes of the 52 minute video referenced here:

For AACA Members who live in Australia and are contemplating importing

a modified classic vehicle into Australia - watching the video might be useful ....

The comments posted about the video are interesting - but largely political:


If I had the money to produce a 52 minute documentary - it would not be about this subject ...


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