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1970 AMC Rebel Machine film

Guest Gone Autos

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Guest Gone Autos

Hello, AMC fans.

Fellow fan Todd Ruel here.

A quick note to tell you that I've just uploaded the only known factory film footage of the 1970 AMC Rebel Machine.

I have a 35mm print of the VIDEO portion of the 1970 AMC product introduction film. And sure enough, there's a segment featuring the Rebel Machine (yes, the famous red/white/blue version) doing donuts on a live airstrip with American Airlines planes taking off all around it! Gotta see it to believe it.

It's only 49 seconds long, but again, it's the only known footage that AMC shot of this car.

Check it out on the Gone Autos video channel. And take a look at the other videos that I've posted. It's all for orphan car fans.


-----Todd Ruel

Top Wrench, Gone Autos: Tools for Living the Orphan Car Life

Gone Autos: Tools for Living the Orphan Car Life

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