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Rear differential carrier to housing sealant. Is it needed?

Guest Rob J

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This is in regards to a 65 Riv. Obviously I have a new gasket for the rear carrier to the axle housing. My question is the gasket enough, or should I use some RTV sealant as well to make sure the rear diff does not leak? I already have things together, as seen below, but got to thinking the gasket alone may not be enough. At the point I'm at in the restoration, it would not be that much work to pull the axles out, pull the carrier out, and dab some sealant in-between the gasket.


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Guest rsmalling

hey Rob,

I think a little black RTV or Permatex 300 would be cheap insurance from a leak situation. For sure I would use the 300 on the 3rd member to housing bolt threads. just my thoughts on it.

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So can you give an example as to why the rear differential would leak with a proper gasket installed? If the flange has any deformity in it (or warp aka not FLAT) then something besides the proper gasket would be needed. He is sealing GEAR OIL not fuel or water, which would leak easier.

I dont see how you answered his question.

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