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I have a used, but in fantastic condition, Radiator from a 1951 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe. This will also fit 1952 6 cylinder Chryslers. May also work with other Mopars.

I was going through a boneyard when a new arrival, a 1951 Chrysler Windosr Deluxe caught my eye. I would swear the car was driven there. (what a shame) The car was in good condition minus a few pieces now. It looked like someones treasure and pleasure before the inheritance.

I pulled a few smaller parts when the radiator caught my eye. It was in such great condition on the outside, almost perfect.

Then when I removed the cap, I discovered it was full to the top (no leaks) with antifreeze, I knew it was worth a second look. When I drained it, nice new clean antifreeze came out. Hardly a spec of rust. I have flushed it with water a few times and barely any discolored water has come out.

I think this radiator was installed and hardly run, if ever.

The picture that is shown is how it looked as wiped it off. Amazing condition.


A steal at $350.

Pick it up in Omaha or I will ship it but you will need to pay the shipping.



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