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1940 Lincoln Zepyhr Heater Identification - Help Please!

Guest David Dixon

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Guest David Dixon

We are restoring a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe, and none of the standard Lincoln heaters fit the existing holes in the firewall. I should know, I have bought 3 of 'em, thinking one would surely fit. We bought the car mid-restoration, and it came with PART of a heater that does line up with the holes in the firewall. I have included a photo of the partial heater... can anyone identify it? I need the rest of it. There must be some type of fan motor/blower assembly that affixes to the heater core part that I have. Apparently, this was a heater delete car, and somewhere along the line someone added this [most likely aftermarket] heater. ANY information to identify or locate parts for it would be appreciated. Thank you so much!







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It appears you have the standard post-war defroster unit. There is a front cover that has the blower motor and defroster outlets. suggest you contact Merv Adkins (see sources) for the parts you need. This set up also has a manually operated inlet air valve mounted on the engine side of the firewall.

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Hi Dave, You may find it interesting to do a FORUM SEARCH for Hot Water Heater. Right under the the heading: V12 LINCOLN AT AACA FORUMS, on the right side of the gray strip in about the center of the page are the FORUM TOOLS and SEARCH FORUM. A click on and search will turn up several threads with photos and info on heaters, including an April 14th, 2007 thread "Zephyr Hot Water Heater w/ Cabin Filter" and a Mar 25, 2007 thread "40 Hot Water Heater". Might help decide if you want to use one of the 3 you bought if they are orig equip for your 1940, or buy the missing pieces for the post water heater you also have. I also included photos of my 40 Zeph Sedan rough hot water heater photos for your reference. Good Luck, Paul



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