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Upcoming McPherson College Restoration Fund Raiser

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Soon, probably after the first of the year we are going to have a fund raiser for the McPherson College Restoration Program on The Old Motor, where people will be able to donate directly to the school towards tools or buy an item for them. Many of the items they need are expensive but you can also contribute as little as $5 and they will put it in a fund to buy the most needed things on the list.

Below is a list of some of the things they need, keep it in mind for when we have the fund raiser.

Just remember the young fellows we help today will be carrying on for us in the future.

We will announce it here and on The Old Motor.

In the mean time contact me here if you would like to buy any of the following for them and I will put you in touch with their fund raising department. Depending on your tax situation, donating before the end of the year may be better for you.

Automotive Restoration

Equipment & Tool Needs List

Applied Diagnostics

Exhaust gas analyzer $4,000

Automotive Electric Lab

Battery Chargers – 4 $550

Battery and electrical system scanner $2,300

Simpson Multi-meters – 12 $3,500

Fluke Digital meters $1,200

Chassis & Drive Train Labs

Spring Compressors $250

Fluid collection tables – 6 $450 each


Software and parts for Dyno $2,500

Motorcycle lab

Tire machine $1,500

SAE/Metric/Whitworth hand tools $2,500

Paint Lab

Divider curtain $3,000

110v TIG welder $2,400

Paint guns – 2 Iwata $750 each

Battery powered supplied air system $2,500

Dust collector $1,500

Sheet metal/ Welding Lab

Torch kits and carts – 2 $1,500

Yoder Power Hammer $7,000

Tubing bender $350

Trim Shop

Industrial sewing machine $2,000

Wood Shop

Hand tools


Drill bits

Biscuit Jointer

Saw blades


General Shop Equipment

Large steel top tables – 5 $950 each

Lab Computers – 8 $800 each

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Anyone see the Wayne Carini hiring episode for McPherson College? It was comical.....

Does the guy have two nickels to rub together....?

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