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1 hour ago, JohnD1956 said:

Look at the spot on the pool apron behind the car.  Could this be proof that dynaflows were designed to leak?



Funny, but in defense of the Dynaflow, that is the shadow of the lady's elbow and head.

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15 hours ago, EmTee said:



I have probably looked at a couple of thousand pictures of drag cars over the last few weeks.

This is the second one I have seen and the one I posted a few pages back.

I would have thought that the big nailhead would have doon better.

With that being said someone will find more, I hope.



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8 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:


Lower deck?  Turn your display device around...LOL   But it can't be Bernie's.  There's no smoke coming from the rear tires. :D


Duh - I was looking at the one on the lower deck, but you're right, the one at the back on top is his!  It didn't look white when I first looked...

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