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"Time Machines 2013," 7/28/2013, Guilford, CT again--this time an outstanding '87 Grand National, that happened to have its window sticker also displayed--really enjoy studying these documents, for details like: The "Grand National" package, that included Tubo V6 engine, 4-speed auto trans, performance suspension, sport mirrors, air conditioning, 15" chrome wheels and Eagle GT tires (looks like BFGs eventually replaced those), specific interior and exterior color black, bucket seats in gray cloth, all for a total option price of $3,574. The base price of the '87 Regal 2-door coupe was shown as $11,562, to which was added the "Grand National" package, plus several other options (a total of $5,113 in options), and $430 destination charge, bringing the total bottom line to $17,105. City MPGs were estimated as 17, and highway MPGs as 25, for the 3.8 liter turbocharged fuel injected engine with auto lock-up 4-speed trans. It was listed as having been delivered to Gallagher Buick in New Britain, CT, all the way from its final assembly point in Pontiac, MI.


I also like his CT vanity plate: "QUICK-6"!



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One more from "Time Machines 2013" (7/28/2013, Guilford, CT) for now... Right after taking my pictures of the '70 GS and the '87 GN, I saw a really beautiful Reatta Convertible entering the show field, following the car show staffer who was directing them to their appropriate class parking spot. I later ran across this car again when it was parked, and found out that it was a '90 model, so I guess it might've been entered in the "Display Only, Non-Judged" class for cars & trucks '89 to '13 (the "Time Machines" show has always adhered to the AACA definition of "antique" as being any vehicle 25 years old or older). I have a couple more shots of this very beautiful Reatta, as-parked, that I'll follow up with...



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...Looks like the '90 Reatta ended up between a couple of vintage Pontiacs. Sorry about the sun glare-y front view shot, but the right rear three quarter view of this beautiful & sporty Buick I think makes up for it...


Yes, sharp-eyed viewers, that is a magnificent green '50 Buick woodie wagon in the background of the second shot! And it will be the next photo subject, as I meander my way around the Time Machines 2013 car show field, so do stay tuned...

And if you were wondering about that low-slung sports car in the right background of the first shot, it is, of course, "The Rakish Leaf," ref: http://www.hemmings.com/hsx/stories/2011/07/01/hmn_feature3.html


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Back to the 35th Annual "Time Machines" antique car show, Sunday, July 28th, 2013, Guilford Fairgrounds, Guilford, CT, once again.

This was a super-nice '84 Riviera sunroof that I had previously enjoyed checking out at the AACA Central CT Region car show up in Glastonbury, back on June 9th (believe I even posted a photo or two of it from that event--and the owner displayed his dash plaque from that very event, placed on the top of his dashboard--along with a dash plaque from last year's Yankee Chapter All-Buick Car Show in Wallingford).

It was also interesting to note that the owner listed his address as "Burlingame, CA" on the window card, but a local CT address on his judging sheet--guessing he might perhaps be a recent transplant? Last time (from the Glastonbury event photos) I believe I also made note of the Burlingame dealership license plate frame and CA plate displayed on the front of the car.

Anyway, here are two overall shots of this very beautiful Buick, and I think that's one of the car show directors checking it out closely in the third shot, possibly as part of his evaluations of possible "Best Original Car" candidates for the overall show.


Couple more Buicks still to go from Time Machines 2013 (maybe you can see a bit of a spectacular bright red '53 Skylark Convertible in the background of the 2nd shot...), so please stay tuned...

Oh, and finally, though it's not looking great for my being able to get up there (due to various family obligations), wanted to note that this year's Yankee Chapter Buick Show in Wallingford, CT is upcoming THIS WEEKEND! Ref: http://forums.aaca.org/f115/yankee-chapter-show-wallingford-buick-sunday-356796.html



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I'm pretty sure this is the last Buick that I found/photographed at the 35th Annual "Time Machines" antique car show, Sunday, July 28th, 2013, Guilford Fairgrounds, Guilford, CT. It's a cool '68 GS Convertible, and it was parked over in the Car Corral area, where cars for sale were specifically grouped. I photographed the info from the window card also for your info. Looked like a really nice car. "Fast and Fun"--works for me!


Next installment, we'll move on to the Friday evening, August 2, 2013 North Branford Potato & Corn Festival's classic car cruise, in North Branford, CT, to check out a few of the beautiful Buicks that were on display there...



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Starting off Buick-oriented coverage of the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise (Friday evening 8/2/2013, North Branford, CT) with a couple of overall views, in which, by the third one, you'll see a bit of a super-kool & somewhat modified black '87 Grand National in the scene (it's slightly visible in the second shot also, if you look really hard).


After these, the Buick photos will be more individualized (most certainly including that particular outstanding '87 Grand National). Just wanted to provide a bit of an overview of this wonderful gathering, which was on a nicely manicured ball field (the overall Festival took place in a more natural farm pasture-type field just to the north of the ball park). The car show field was filled up even more by the time I had to roll out of there to get to another family obligation. Great job by the North Branford parks & Rec Department, who I believe are the overall organizers of the Festival.

More info about the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival car show is online at: Car Show



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One more quick one for now from the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise, Friday evening 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT. This is a gorgeous white with red interior late '60s Skylark Convertible that I am pretty sure I've seen and photographed previously (I believe at the Main Street Middletown classic car cruise, earlier this summer, up in Middletown, CT).

I've found that the auto-exposure setting on my camera likes to darken the shots a bit when you have a very light or white subject such as this Skylark (and/or a bright white MG or a bright yellow Corvette), so I did a slight bit of electronic tweaking of these shots, to try to make them look a bit more natural.

Anyway, this was a positively gorgeous Skylark, and I'm definitely *not* getting tired of seeing it show up at the local car shows!




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WOW, tha's a beautiful GS and not a bad price if it is solid and correct. Can't tell from where I'm sitting, what color is it and the interior? Dark green? would that be the correct color parade boot on it, tan?


I'm sorry, MrEarl, I don't know anything about the car. Looking back at my pictures, it appears that it might be a dark green body color, but that's about the only thing I can add. Sounds like a call to the phone number noted on the card may be in order...

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Back to the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise again, which took place Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT--this time with a fantastic pair of mid-'60s Buick hardtops: an Electra 225 and a Skylark. These are overall-type shots, and I took a few more closer detail-type shots that I'll try to follow up with, next chance I get...






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Back again at the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise night, Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT, this time with the final series of shots of the fantastic & super-eye-catching Electra 225 and Skylark pair...


Let's see, next time I think we move along to an awesome black '87 Grand National--but *not* the same one that was previously shown in one of the overall shots... So please do stay tuned...










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Back again to the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise night, Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT...

Today just one quickie insert--some overall views of a VERY nice '87 Grand National, that, from what I could see, was a totally stock, super-well-preserved specimen.

It had a window sticker displayed in the front windshield, however I could not get a good photo of that. I was able to discern from looking at (my crummy photo of) it, however, that this '87 GN had originally been delivered to Antonino Buick-Nissan in Norwich, CT originally (wonder if they're still in business?), had a total of $6,231 in options, and a $414 destination charge, computing out to a grand total sticker price of $18,207.

In addition to the $3,574 option price for all the "Grand National" stuff (added on to the basic '87 Regal 2-door coupe), another couple of big-ticket options were the "Hatch Roof" at $895, adn the "Delco-GM Graphic Equalizer Cassette Tape & EIR AM Stereo FM Stereo Radio With Seek and Scan, Auto Reverse with Search, Repeat, and Clock" (whew) at $504.

Overall-type views now, a couple of detail shots next time. Cool vanity plate!





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Here are a couple of detail views of that super-nice, super-original-looking '87 Grand National, as seen at the North Branford Potato & Corn Festival classic car cruise night, Friday evening, 8/2/2013, in North Branford, CT:


Next time we'll move on to the OTHER super-nice, and at least somewhat modified-looking black '87 Grand National that was at the North Branford event...




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