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When I was 9 years old my Dad and I were at a local Buick dealership with a 59 similar to this in most respects. I was quite taken with it and suggested that Dad should buy it.  I must have been insistant because dad finally addressed a salesman and made an $2,500 offer on the car. I just remember the salesman saying they couldn't sell for that.  Subsequently I thought the dealership was crazy to turn down the offer not realizing the offer was probably 2k or more below the advertised price. I thought dad was a hero for trying.  A few weeks later the neighbor bought a white invicta convertible with a red interior.  Both of those cars are still on my short list if I win a lotto. 

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7 hours ago, Ben Bruce aka First Born said:


 Bet there is a story!



No pants or shoes?.... FB comments are also puzzle, no info on the photo just that is was taken in London, circa 1937.

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