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2 hours ago, Machine Gun said:

@ElpadJudging from all of the photos you've posted and continue to post I've come to the conclusion that you have every photo of a Buick that was ever taken, plus at least ten more!!

The sad thing is that I erase them after I post them due to computer space. Don’t know how long would they keep them on this forum server. 

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I knew the owner of the grey car (Starlight Blue) that was repainted then resold.  I obtained the Blue car from an estate in Rifle, Colorado in the late 1980's.  The repaint photo came to me from that owner.  In the repaint photo, note that the spotlight and separate mirror appear to be as that in the fully restored car. The restored car does appear to have the correct factory Trailmaster spotlight.  But, one would have to trace the restored car to be sure.



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16 hours ago, Dave Gelinas (XP-300) said:



This great shot really shows the evolution of body design in just two short years.  As the transition was made from the 30's to the 40's, the headlights are placed directly into the fenders instead of mounted in separate pods, and the hood begins to blend into the fenders.  By the end of the 40's, the "slab-sided" design was established and the distinction between hood and fenders was almost eliminated.  (Well-illustrated by the shot of the '49 convertible, just above.)




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