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3 hours ago, zeke01 said:

Bill was President of VMCCA several years ago. Nice guy. Zeke


We have been close with Bill since the 1980s, and toured extensively with both Bill and his exceptional bride-

wonderful folks, and great musicians

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On 7/18/2020 at 8:22 AM, Talarico8447 said:

Wow great picture!

I was at the Crazy Horse Monument but had no idea you could get that close or I would of taken a similar picture.

Where the car is there was nothing but construction equipment. Unless this guy had connections to let him in.

Again, great shot!

Yes you can drive up there but there is a considerable fee to do so. Very cool shot

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In this photo from Fisher Body's Flint, Michigan Plant we see part of the answer to the question "How in the world did they make those amazing '59 Buick fins?" The process depends on being able to manufacture the very complex lower section of the rear quarter panel. The upper section is then welded to the lower. Further down the line, the seam between the two panels is then filled with lead and metal finished. Skilled craftsmen are obviously essential to produce this industrial work of art. 



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The Buick Bug had a wheelbase of about 105 inches which is about 10 inches longer than a C4 Corvette.  I think the other cars in the picture are just small. 


Here's a picture of Jay Leno driving one of the two original 1910 Bugs. Jay is not a little guy.



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Did that model only have the fender well on the one side? Are any of the 32 known to exist? Why in so many of the pictures of these old cars does it seem like the front tires are bald?

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