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21 minutes ago, billbuickgs said:

Sure looks like T V TOMMY IVO the Buick Racer !!


That's him.  His website says he bought this car new when he was 16 with his TV earnings.  Immediately he customized it.


1OP1.thumb.jpg.9ed8100885952f3fa98665c95b2b2114.jpglower two pictures show it in primer with pink feet.



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Los Angeles Councilman Billy G Mills driving a 1968 Buick Electra 225 Limited Four Door Hardtop sedan.

"Billy G. Mills is a retired Los Angeles Superior Court judge and a former Los Angeles City Council member, serving from 1963 to 1974. He was one of the first three African-Americans elected to the council." -Wikipedia


Image is from a APR 1971 date color slide in my personal archive.



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47 minutes ago, NC1968Riviera said:

A beautiful shot of Tioga Pass, California in July 1950.


An attractive lady is standing next to a 1947 or 1948 Buick Super 4 door sedan.


I wish I could identify the car in the lower left part of the pasture. It look pretty cool!



The light colored car in the distance has a defined front fender outline,

a fully skirted rear fender wheel cutout, and a sharply tapered rear outline, 

and appears to be a coupe',

possibly a convertible-

but just not enough in focus for my old eyes to get enough detail.  


The tall, and sweet looking young lady appears content with her Buick Super,

and we assume her friend went into the bushes to do nothing more than to snap her photo in this lovely setting.


We've driven Tioga pass with several of our cars in the past few years,

the '88 Vette,

'54 Caddy,

and Dale's (former) Sebring ,

all with the convertible top down.

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17 minutes ago, MrEarl said:


I'd have to caption this as "WRENCHIN"  Love this photo!!!  What do y'all think might be going on here?

Looks like they using the car as a platform to fix something up higher? Just look at the size of the wrench on the roof. A silo construction? Repairs?


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59 minutes ago, MrEarl said:



 Any info on that 

With my Smart phone I took this photo of the picture that is hanging in the men's room in the Hilton Curio Collection hotel in the St. Louis Union Station.  There were other photos of St. Louis in the hotel so I'm making an educated guess that this has something to do with an assembly plant in St. Louis.  Or is it just a picture that looks good in a men's room. Anyone know what GM cars came out if St. Louis?

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