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Looking for Brush Runabout Parts

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Hello John, Hello George, and Hello Caddyshack

Went for a ride Saturday afternoon and did pick up a few Brush pieces. John has seen the photo of my stuff and we did email a bit. I'm sure we will be talking more. Contacted George to see if he still had a Brush front axle he got out of Maine and if it still was close to me. No, evidently the axle is long gone. The Rambler stuff I did put on ebay, not to sell it, but to try and keep it. That's what happens when you have dueling appraisals during a divorce. So I'm interested in Brush parts and Rambler parts and I'm happy to talk early cars with others. Not too interested in selling out right now but if you have for trade, a Chadwick, Thomas Flyer, brass Pierce Arrow with a bank of cylinders.... we'll talk. PS: the cell phone is down til I get the new one up and running.

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Not on this buy/sell site, but on the "Domestic Makes and Models" site between (ACD) and Cadillac & LaSalle. This AACA web-site has tremendous exposure and great input from its members. Maybe the AACA has its rules for listing certain manufacturers, who knows. Just a thought.


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