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Need help with finding thread

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I need help finding a thread that dealt with the following problem:

When I accelerate my 89 Reatta the "electrical problems" indicator comes on. When I let off the gas it will go out. This is a repeated action everyime I hit the gas pedal. And I remember seeing a thread on the forum that had the fix for this problem however I can't seem to find it now. Can someone help me find the thread or give me the solution to my problem.

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Might be a problem with the throttle position sensor. Check the codes by going to into the climate screen on your CRT and holding the "Off" and "Warm" buttons at the same time.

Write down the codes and report back here. :)

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By electrical problems indicator, do you mean CRT screen or IPC.

Usually indicates a voltage or ground problem.

Go here and check battery terminal connections and the common ground and power posts under the hood:

Battery Cable Checks & Repair - Reatta Owners Journal

Ground Terminals & Junction Box Location - Reatta Owners Journal

There's another common ground point on the engine block near the PCV valve that's not pointed out in the write ups too.

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