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Got my Eastwood Catalog in the mail today and.....


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I got my Eastwood catalog and my son received one also. Mine has the photos of the welders with a red gradient color on the bottom of the page.

I get free shipping on all orders over $50. Great deal.

Until I looked at my son's catalog. It has the same welders with a purple gradient on the bottom and 10% off and free shipping.

Guess which catalog I'm going to use for my x-mas gifts. PM for the code.

Happy Turkey Day

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Speaking of Eastman. They do have some good stuff and OK buys. They also have some overpriced mediocre stuff. In general more bang for the buck for many things can be had by prudent shopping. Of course that's true of many "hobby" type vendors...............Bob

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Guest shadetree77

I received mine today as well. I didn't have much time to look at it. I'll have to see which deal mine contains this morning when I get home. I purchased one of their 135 MIG welders for Christmas last year. It was a present for my Dad but we both use it. So far, nearly one year later it is still going strong and I have had no problems with it. Seems to be a quality product for a good price. I only wish they would have had the black welders when I ordered mine. Those came out shortly after Christmas last year. Mine is "Eastwood Blue".

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