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A Judging Video you do not want to miss!

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Excellent video, Read Majors!

If AACA members have not experienced Read Majors in action at his judging schools, you have missed something special. Read has a special talent and you need to experience him at a judging school near YOU.


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Read Majors is the reason I am a new member of the the club as well as (after Hershey) a new AACA judge. I have been collecting, showing and judging cars for the past 15 years and I always thought that AACA was only antique cars (pre-1950's) so I never looked into becoming a member. After seeing Read's video not only did I join AACA but I also went to Hershey and was one of Read's apprentice judges. Great video!!!

Mike Klem

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Great Job.

I suggest sending this link to each of the local chapters. "Encouraging the recruitment of judges."

I have been attending Fall Hershey since 1989, I heard the announcements over the PA system "judges need." Finally in 2009, I attended my first Judging School and apprentice training . . I was nervous the following year on the field when I judged. Then the one Team member took me aside; calm me a little, now I enjoy judging and look forward to achieve my next Judging level.

I met a great group of car enthusiast to hang with now, this year "I Judge race cars," that a new experience and a gain a lot of incite through the mentor the Team Captain assign tome. He was great mentor, and I look forward to trying to attend Charlotte this year to see the team again.

I am 90% retired now, so I mention to my wife; "I am planning to attend the recent AACA Meet held in Big Sky, Montana," to my surprise my wife wanted to go with me. She end up having a great time, as a couple, we made many new friends. She enjoyed the variety and diversity of different auto makes AACA has to offer. Prior to this meet, my wife had attended a few local Packard club events near where we lived in the early 1990's and did not have much fun, the car were to old for her taste. We want to see the USA over the next few years, so judging is proving a good venue to schedule travels through the USA. We get to see many fantastic automobiles collections and places.


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