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Response to original colors

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I have a paint formula that matches Elton green. Have been a professional auto painter for over 40 years and am still working. I've got a 27 comm. sport roadster that had some of the original paint in the rumble seat opening lip. Also on bracket that golf bag door hinges attach to. We have a [colar map] at work , did a spray -out and it matches very ,very well. Please contact me with a phone # .My computer runs in spits and spurts. My # 256 426 2261 or davidjames1949 @comcast.net.

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Studeq; Yes it LOOKS close. I have the cover picture also. Having said that,close is only close in the eye of the beholder. My Stude. reference library list Elton green only on comm. roadsters. Also I've said that matches my car . I have to match colors every day and even within the same color code there are sometimes many color variances. Wanted to see mentioned roadster but was on loan. Be glad to send you color spray-out. Want to help others if possible. Sincerely; Commander Dave

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