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Guest 4 bufords

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Guest 4 bufords

hope someone can help,the right rear quarter on my 57 super has a dent that needs pulled out.i put an eye bolt through a hole where the trim is fastened and a metal plate inside the quarter,put a screwdriver through the eye and pulled the dent out.trouble is as soon as i took the tention off the dent it sucked the dent back in.anyone have any ideas what needs to be done?thanks,4 bufords from ct

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Guest chevy_dude97
metal will have to be shrunk-find someone that knows what there doing or you can create a worse problem than you have.good luck.t.nugent roa 12969.

Yeah you have to heat the metal up and quench it...(we used an accetlene torch where I used to work and when I say we in this post I mean "body guy" at the shop lol) easier said than done. Gramps always said if you don't have the right tools for the job, then you pay someone who does. Good choice on the having a body man do it.

also there was a guy at my shop that could fix dents without messing up the paint with dry ice....

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