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Code 41 OBD1 on 3.8 V6

Guest khamer

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I have a 1992 Oldsmobile 98 with the 3.8 V6. I have a service engine soon light that is giving me a Code 41.

I found an old thread on this forum discussing cam magnet interrupter replacement. Within the thread I found the following write-up: http://padgett.ws/cars/cammag.htm

I am curious if anybody has had any experience in doing this that could give me a few pointers. I am by no means a mechanic, but I know how to turn a wrench, so I'm just looking for a little help. The write-up is rather vague, at least for me. Can anyone tell me where exactly the timing cover is and how to access the cam sensor? Also, what all do I need to remove to gain access to this area.

Also, is there any chance that all I need is a new camshaft sensor?

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By the way, I posted this in the Buick discussion because that is where I found information in my search. If a moderator feels this should be in the oldsmobile forums feel free to move it there. I am just hoping someone here has the help I need.

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Guest marchi1

The timing cover is located behind the belt side of the engine. the cam magnet is locate up and to the right of the crank pulley as you look at the end of the engine. the sensor itself is held in with a single 10mm bolt.

You can see the cam sensor here (granted this is a series 2 engine, not a series 1 like in your car but it should be similarly placed)


Removing the accessory belt may get you enough space, but you may also need to remove the power steering pump...Will take a little bit of time (the power steering pump is held in with 3 13mm head bolts).

Hope this helps.

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As the illustration shows, the magnet is held by a platic "basket", as it's installed into the cam spocket of the timing chain. A quite common situation in higher-mileage 3.8L Buick V-6 motors, which use that item. The stuff in Padgett's post looks pretty accurate.

ONLY thing is to make sure that your trouble code list you're looking at is for 1992 model year! Prior to OBDII, codes could change from year to year, for the same malfunction. I suspect there should be, somewhere, a list of GM 1992 Check Engine light codes.

Just some thoughts,


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NTX5467 - I did find a list of different codes for different years and this is what I came up with, thanks.

How exactly do I turn the engine using a breaker bar?

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