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Solvent cabinet?

Guest BJM

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I was watching the Velocity channel show "Wheeler Dealer" and the fellow that fixes the cars after they are purchased had a sandblast cabinet that was a pressure solvent cabinet. I thought it was awesome. He stuck his hands in the gloves-attached- like a sandblast cabinet, everything was enclosed and he pressure washed the component.

I have never seen one of these before. Does anyone have one or know of who makes them here in the U.S.?

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I didn't see the show but it may have been a Vapour blast cabinet. These use glass beads, high pressure air and high pressure water all coming out of the one nozzel at the same time and the cleaning power is quite incredible.

They will clean virtually any type of material but they bring aluminium casting up better than new with a beautiful sheen to the surface as the beads peen the alloy smooth.

I have put in a U tube video below of one in action. The black thing flashing across the screen is the wiper cleaning the inside of the glass in the cabinet. They are a geat machine but a bit too pricey for home use.

I have also put in a couple of photos of an aluminium oil pan I had done in one.

- YouTube




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