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1931 Plymouth PA, Exhaust and Intake Manifold problem

Guest Monaco

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I have a problem to get the Exhaust and Intake Manifold, on a 1931 Plymouth PA (with Health Heater), tight.

1. question - main question:

is there a kind of a OEM "Gasket - ring / pipe" (see pic simulated with a socket) on the two Exhaust outlets and on the two Intakes to protect the gasket between the Engine and the Manifold? Measurement seems to be around 1,5" diameter and 0,3" long?!

2. question:

the outlets in the middle, I suppose they have to heat up the gas in the intake manifold too - is this necessary, or can this large opening been closed?

I will bring the whole assembly (Health Heater, Intake/Exhaust parts) to a Machine Shop to get them planed ( they are not 100% straight and I suppose this is the main Problem).











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Hi Monaco

I am a junior member in South Africa. My 1931 PA had a complete fiber gasket when I removed the manifolds. See pic attached.

I sent it together with the head gasket to an approved gasket manufacturer in my country to make up new ones and they made both out of copper plates with fibrous material in between. Hope this info helps or maybe some of the experienced members can share their knowledge.

I am looking for a Carter DRT 8 carb for my car and would appreciate any info or part that you may have for me.

Good luck



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Hi Dravid,

tanks for the replay.<O:p</O:p

My manifold gasket looks like the same as yours. But I’m not sure if there was a additional gasket as well (this kind of a ‘pipe’ I mentioned above, this pipe would fit between the engine and the manifold).


Anyway, after I get the parts planed it will work with this fibro / graphite gasket as well.<O:p</O:p

I let you know how it looks like in a couple of days.


About your carburetor, is quite impossible to get them in Germany. I have seen some on ebay.com , for around $350.00US<O:p</O:p

I’m running the engine with a Carter BB1 - 245SD which is an old updraft universal carburetor that has an accelerator pump and a adjustable main jet. <O:p</O:pUnfortunately this is my only unite. I hope the Guys from the States can help you out!!<O:p</O:p


Thanks again,<O:p</O:p


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Guest DodgeKCL

If I remember correctly there is no one piece gasket for the PA. It has copper sheathed abestos rings that go in the indents in the block and manifold. The center area in the intake manifold is what you say, it heats up the intake gases to better atomize the fuel. The next year,1933, a bimetalic coil was added to a flap that diverted the exhaust gas up around the intake manifold at start up and then moved the flap to the closed position as the engine heated up. Theoretically the car will get poorer gas mileage if you plug it. Do not under ANY circumstances use the 'health heater'. Hook it up yes for authenticity if you want but plug it inside some how. These things were deadly. They leaked and put the driver to sleep with CO and caused them to drive off the road and crash. A very good conversation piece but do not connect it up.

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Thanks DodgeKCL for your help and sorry for the long time I didn't answer.

In the mean time I build a new Intake Manifold because my stock one was leaking and bend (worn out). Now I got everything tight and the Engine is running. Couldn't find the copper sheathed abestos rings. I used the one piece gasket, comming with the Best Gasket RS741c and it works for now.





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Guest DodgeKCL

Beautiful,beautiful job!!! I'm really impressed. I do not have my '31 PA 6 wire wheeler anymore but I would have killed for a set of those manifolds. Mine were cracked and I brazed the cracks shut and paint the manifolds with hight temperature paint.

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Q. I order the gaskets on line with no problem, but mine is 1931 Plymouth model u. My challenge is i have a intake exhaust leak, so i double a gasket well that didn't help car wouldn't start. What is that i missing here? Only vacuum i have that i know of is wiper. Any help?


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   Look at Remflex gaskets . I just put on on my '31 UT which is same as PA , U . Is one piece all graphite extra thick . Ebay sells I think it was 6034 not sure on last numbers . Also got the manifold to pipe one ,8068 . They come in twos for v8  . Ebay has measurements wrong but Remflex site give correct . They look good . Did not install and test yet . Used a standard Hot Shot brand for int. to exh. gasket . It is thinner but Remflex did not have . Also hand worked my warped manifold down on steel flat surface and sand paper . Then spaced exhaust off paper and brought intake down with gasket laying between  to within 0.020 and with  compression will be closer . The Remflex compress up to 0.060" = 1/16" in .

   Look good installed .

The other parts you talking about are the ferrules . In early fours, them and other crush-ables where used . Now most do not seam to use the ferrules . i like that they stop gases from directly hitting edge of gasket . i made set for exh . only ; out of two inch copper pipe at .28" . Then cut out edge to fit head recess .  Note all seem to be different diameters . The little slit will not matter . If you look at larger truck engines ferules are still used . The intakes look to have to be smaller and have no pressure so opted out . the master parts book said four of same part number . So they must have made the a size to work either . Then who know if manifold was not shaved before . Last think wanted was tight fit and expanding to fight gasket .

  Did you car run before and what kind of carb do you have ??


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Hello! Well after trying gaskets, my carburetor when out so car was parked at a stand still. A friend of mine which passed away from Covid-19 a couple a months ago, had a great idea which I'm still working on was to build a new manifold and bypass the upflow carburetor. This is what he came up with, his dream to see didn't run was not crystallized but now I will go through with with til I make run for sure. My car was brought home from his shop, the red Star in back was one of his cars, may he rest in peace. 






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Hello Tom, well I did find one had to buy whole motor, only to find out manifold it has was welded with leaks,   believe it came off a 1932 has no water pump.

Then bought another motor after the new modified manifold, this came off a 1933 or Plymouth, neither one had the same carburetor as the one I had. Got it started ran it around the block, now no brakes rubber hose order just waiting for them.



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