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1967 Buick Riviera Tire Sizes

Guest 67BlackRiv

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Guest 67BlackRiv

Hi all,

I need some new tires for my 1967 Riviera. It currently has HR78-15 tires on it and they work fine, but are very old, and I want to be able to drive the car without worrying about a blow out. I'd like to get some vintage redline tires. Would any of these tires work?

Radial Tires - Tire Styles: Redline and 15

Or, would someone have another suggestion regarding tire size? I found online that an HR78-15 tire is comparable to P225/75Rl5, P235/70Rl5, P255/60Rl5, P275/50R15 tires, but again, not sure what to get, especially given that Coker doesn't offer any of these exact sizes.


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Tire tech and specifications can become mind boggling but, IN GENERAL, use the series # as a guideline to make your choice. A typical passenger car tire which provides a good ride and tallish sidewall is a 75 series tire. As the height of the sidewall decreases, as in a 60 series tire, generally, ride quality suffers but handling becomes better due to less sidewall deflection. Your choice depends on your personal preferences. Are you more interested in preserving ride quality or improving handling? Is the car a GS model? Jamie? Good luck,

Tom Mooney

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