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Reatta owners in Columbus, OH?

Guest TheShadow87

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Guest TheShadow87


I haven't posted in awhile. My Reatta is still doing pretty good. Getting some work done on it soon: new window regulator, new headlight switch, leaking gasket fixed, and new fuel/brake lines. Are there any owners that are also in Columbus, OH? I've seen about four or five other Reattas in the area, which I find to be great! Also, is there a Reatta convention in Ohio? I'd really love to meet some other owners. I'm only 25, but this is the car for me. Thanks!

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I'm not in the Columbus, OH. area (though, I was born in Cleveland) but I wanted to reply to your post so as to let you know it was seen.

John F.

Its better to be a Hoosier if I say so myself...;)

Are you coming to the Nationals in South Bend next year?

Hi. I'm in the Columbus,Oh area. White '88 Reatta.

Welcome to the forum j1hamm!

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