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Interchange ?

Guest Gseago

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I've read in a previous post that the '64 and '65 hood is different. Is there so much of a difference that they won't interchange even with modification? If the difference is that great is there anyone in or close to the southeast that has a good 64 hood they are willing to sell?

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OK Gerard: Here are the three year differences.....

1963 has a unique spear, and the hole at the peak in the hood where the spear (has a flat Tri-Shield medallion) mounts to is different. It has a chrome trim bar molding on the bottom of the lip.

1964 Has a bigger hole where the hood spear goes because the hood spear is concave on top and has the "R" bombsite. It has a chrome bar molding on the bottom of the lip.

1965 Has the same spear as the 64 as well as the same larger hole where the spear mounts. It has a matching color trim bar molding at the bottom of the lip rather than the 63 and 64 chrome bar.

Keep in mind that except for the hole that accommodates the 64 and 65 spear molding the hoods seem identical. A few things here. If you put that 64-65 spear on a 63 hood you will need to either modify the spear or make a similar hole in the hood to accommodate the spear. Also, don't forget that the spear molding goes to the cowl and, the 63 piece is also different than the 64 and 65.

I hope this can save you a few steps because these hoods are getting in short supply. Many are rusted in front and the peaks are tweaked and full of bondo and repaired poorly.They look great when the peaks are straight and there is an even gap with the trim bar molding and the top of the grille. Mitch

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Thanks Mitchell, I was aware of the differences in the spears and emblems. The color matching trim was something I didn't know. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a difference in dimensions. My hood is rusted pretty badly which is why I'm on the hunt for one.

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