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looking for ww2 vets autographs


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Im building a book of ww2 vets autographs for my son. He is 2 and never got to know my grand parents as they died before he was born. If anyone know a vet Id like to send them my book prepaid along with a return prepaid envelope for them to sign list their unit theater of operation and time served. Im in raleigh nc



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Contact me at rln31455@yahoo.com My dad is a WWII Vet. He lives in Texas. He can sign your book. He also has a few buddies in his area that served in WWII. He met quite a few Vets when He was able to take an Honor Flight. It is good to know that these individuals and their sacrifices are going to be known to a younger generation!

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Guest Rob McDonald

My father and father-in-law both fought in WWII - one for Canada against the Japanese and the other for Germany against the Russians. I wish they could have met.

Canadians are starting to recognize that, as a nation of immigrants, we can afford on November 11 to honour all veterans for having fought for their country of origin. Really, most soldiers of my parents' generation fought for their own families' rights to life, not for national glory, by which their respective leaders dragged them into the conflict. That goes for Japanese and Russian veterans as well.

Please know that by referring to the "other side", I mean no offence to American or Canadian armed forces veterans; we are very proud of their service and thankful for their sacrifices on many levels.

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