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Trevia question ........powerflite trans ... fact or myth ?


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fact or myth ?

on a mopar powerflite automatic trans >>> will the trans act like a ebrake when engine is off and selector in gear?

seen so many people do this over the years .. does it really work ?

Thanks !

Nope !! having said that however, perhaps if you had the car moving at 30mph or more the torque converter would provide some resistance.

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It will not work as a parking brake - at all. You can, however, start the engine by putting the gear selector in neutral, rolling the car off a hill, getting up to 30 mph or so and pulling the gear selector down into low gear.

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The Mopar Powerflyte 2-speed automatic (at least in our 1956 & 1957 Plymouths) would not work that way .......


the General Motors Hydra-Matic in our '52 & '54 Cadillac, as well as our earlier Oldsmobile and Pontiac used the Reverse "R"position as a "PARK" when the car was turned off. As a safety, the car could not be started in the Park/Reverse position, and had to be shifted into "Neutral" so that the Neutral-Safety switch would allow the starter solenoid to be engaged.

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