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For Sale: various Reatta related items.

Guest dpannell

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Guest dpannell

My 90' coupe unfortunately met an early demise. I am liquidating some of the items I have gathered over the past several years. They are as follows:

1. Craftsmans Log. Very nice shape with tablet, atlas, handcrafted book, plastic valet key and case, pen and owners manual. The flashlight and tire guage have always been missing, and the owners manual is worn but complete.

2. Leather Owners manual glove box pouch believed to be part of the 88-89' series Reatta. Reatta Logo on the face and very good condition.

3. 3 NOS wheel centers for 88-90 series. Perfect condition.

4. 2- NIB frame/body mounts...including bolts and spacers. Brand new.

5. 1- Very new condition Reatta key fob.

6. 1 - very good condition rear view mirror. Has one small scratch on mirror but otherwise perfect.

7 1 very average condition 89-90 hood ornament. Not near perfect but perhaps better than what you have. Studs not broken.

8 OEm Radio (90 model) ,CD Player with trim housing. The cd player powered up fine but would always "err" out within a few minutes. The housing is average condition but not broken. Radio popped and crackled.

I'll be willing to forward pictures of these items to anyone interested. It will be first come, first serve with a reasonable offer on all items. Please post a private message to my account for consideration.

I am not absolutely sure of the value of any of these items......Anyone familiar with these values please post here for all to see.

Thanks, Dave Pannell

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