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Oil Pan gasket need some help

Guest Butch91

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Guest Butch91

:confused:Hi guys:confused:

I could use some help and advice. I am preparing to replace the oil pan gasket on my 1990 V-6 TC. I have the front jacked up and was under looking and now I see that it looks like there may be some bolts near the transmission side of the oil pan that I cannot see to remove.

Can someone tell me how and what else I have to remove to get to those bolts on the trans side of the oil pan.

As typical the service manual gives me no indication as to how to replace the oil pan gasket unless the whole engine is out of the car.

Any help, instructions and advice is very much appreciated

Thank you in advance

All the best.


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Guest Butch91

Thanks, guys, but i figured it out last night, No the transmission does not have to be disconnected. but there are a few metal braces, and the starter motor that do need to be removed. Pretty straight forward once you look at it closley; and then realize that when you loosen the lower motor mount, torque stabilizer, the engine will not fall down on top of you.

I dropped the pan last night and am cleaning all the components before re-installing. Also, my pan did not have a formal gasket, just the gasket seal stuff. i purchased a high quality gasket which i will use to re-install.

thanks again, if anybody wants specific details on how to perform this task, let me know and i will try to help out.

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