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1936 Dodge questions


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I still have not gotten the 36 to my house yet but went and visited it yesterday. I have a few questions about things I saw on it.

The rear end has tabs on the top of it for diagnal braces to the frame. From the pictures I've seen (hard to tell for sure) it looks like a stock hypoid rear. Any chance someone has a good clear picture so I can ID? Any thoughts on what this could be? Someone welded them on in a amatuerish attempt at hot rodding in the 60s?

Also if anyone knows of someone who is converting a 36 or similar to a modern drivetrain, I need the centerlink and motor mounts and the frame motor mount brackets. I think 36-37 Dodge and Plymouth work.

Also is there a picture available of the window crank mech?

Thanks in advance

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This post has the most photos I have ever seen in one place concerning rear axles for the '36 Dodge. http://forums.aaca.org/f143/late-36-hypoid-rear-end-336043.html

You were on it once so I'm sure you saw all of these shots. There are no "tabs" on the top. The only "tabs" would be on the bottom and are for the spring perches.

Don't know of anyone rodding a '36 right at the moment. (Thank gosh!) What is a "centerlink"?

Sure hope you are trying to "repair" a car that was damaged from rodding!

Here are some shots of the door window regulators for the '36 4dr sedans:

post-67404-143139247943_thumb.jpg This is for the right front door.

post-67404-143139247942_thumb.jpg This is for the left front door.

post-67404-143139247946_thumb.jpg This is for the left rear door.

post-67404-14313924795_thumb.jpg This is for the right rear door.

And here are a few shots of the windshield regulator...









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If you check out the post on the 2nd page of this forum on "Hypoid rearend" you'll see several photos of the rears. There should be nothing welded to the axle except the spring mounts. By "centerlink" I assume you need the crossmember that the engine mounts bolt to. I have one in a parts car and a couple of rear mounts but you'd be wise to find an NOS set with good live rubber. I think Steele Rubber can revulcanize them but it is expensive! Which widow cranks are you speaking of; the windshield or door windows? Jim

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