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1916 manifold issue

Guest TJDV

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I have a 1916 D-45. Just had the intake manifold TIG welded as small corner where thecarburetor bolts on was broken off. Ihave a few questions on the replacement of both intake and exhaust manifold .

1. Does anyone have or know where one can buy newcopper gaskets and steel glands? Copper gasket is 2 " outside and

1 3/8" inside dimensions.


2. Can I reuse theold copper gaskets and steel glands if Ican clean them up? I have cleaned upboth manifolds. If I can reuse thecopper gaskets, can I use a thin layer of Prematex copper silicone adhesive to just hold the gaskets inplace as I reattach manifolds?

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There is an old mechanics trick that was used to rejuvinate those copper gaskets.

Soak them in water for a day or so, then put them in the freezer. The freezing water will swell the gasket so it could be reused. Install them after they thaw. Supposedly would work with the old copper-asbestos head gaskets too.

I have never tried it, but it makes sense and should work.

There were a lot of old time, back yard tricks like that. My dad was a guy who worked on cars a lot. He was born in 1908.



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