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Identify these wheels


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I'm asking the experts to identify this set of wood spoked wheels. I bought them as 1922 Dodge Brothers but I'm not too sure of their application. They are 12 spoked with 6 Kelsey lugs. The diameter of the rim is 24 inches. I'm a little confused as to the rear hub. It has bolts with no nuts poking through the front and it looks like something was attached or maybe a dual wheel setup for trucks. Graham??? I know someone here will be able to tell me what they would go on.

Thanks, Jaypost-86886-143139246345_thumb.jpg





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Jay, I believe the outer "drive hub" is missing. I don't recall ever seeing a truck with dual rear wood spoke wheels. Can someone prove me wrong? I'm not so sure they're even '22 Dodge. "Where's Keiser"?

I also have never seen such an animal. Does not mean they didn't exist. I also cannot tell you if they are Dodge parts since I am not familiar with the specifics of a lot of the twenties Dodges.

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As I must claim amateur status with many old Dodges, here's what I noticed about those wheels. The rear '22 Dodge wood wheel is supposed to have a tapered, or a "fat" spoke where the large drum bolts pass through to the outer face of the spoke. I just don't think they're Dodge Brothers wheels.

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