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P8 Gas Tank Issues

Guest JoeofColorado

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Guest JoeofColorado

Hello folks,

My 1939 P8 Plymouth gas tank is in pretty bad condition, i.e. inside sealer decomposing, old welding repairs look pretty iffy, some rusting inside. Although it currently is not leaking, I would like to improve on what I have. I do not think it would be a good idea to just put in back into service. But since I am doing some mild upgrading, i.e. fuel sending unit and gauge, I think now is the time to fix a potential problems. I am not sure one could find an OEM replacement, replacement with a newer unit, or an after market unit. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Please e-mail me with your thoughts at jpzz1@earthlink.net, as that is easier to read. Thanks.

Your old car brethren.


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