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Replacing Transmission Mounts on an '85

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The transmission Mounts have failed on my 85, which allowed a tranny bolt to rub a hole in my downpipe. I have new transmission mounts but don't see a procedure in the factory manual that explains how to do this. It appears to me the only way to do it is to pull the inner fenders and that the outer fenders will have to be removed to do that. Is this correct?

Phil Cooley

1985 Riviera T Type

ROA #7446

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Replacing these parts are a difficult task. I left the wheel wells on but took out the inner wheel well to fire wall stand off bolt to allow me to pull up on the lower plastic flap covering the 3 bolt mount through holes. I jamed a small wood 2x4 between the frame and inner well to allow better access to get the 1/2" drive 4" extension and socket through the frame holes to get at the bolts inside. Get ready for a lot of fumbling and swearing. I held the bolt on the socket with mechanics wire to prevent it from falling off while installing. The mount to trany bolts are also trying but doable. Your down pipe is made of stainless and has to be welded with a tig or replaced. For the down pipe to turbo bolts I used a long 2 foot 3/8" extension, short 6 point socket, and a universal joint wrapped with tape to keep it stiff but flexible. The wheel well removal method would be my last choice. The wells come out by wiggling & lifting the fronts up and out.


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