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They go on Ebay as Usarebuilts2011. I purchased the rebuilt service via ebay (item 321000520326). Sent the booster via USPS tracking 0312 0860 0000 6795 9835 on 22OCT12. Today is the 4th and no word from anyone. Kyle, the person I talked to, when asked he said the turn around time was 72 hrs, which was what most of you had said it takes, from your personal experience with them. But when 15 days pass and there is no communication, I have no choice. I called and tried to talk to him, he was not available. I asked when my booster would be ready, the told me they didn't know, as it is one year only and hard to find parts... I asked them to call me back, they never did. I have sent him 3 emails he never responded. Today I filled a claim with Ebay, left negative feedback, filled a claim with Paypal, wrote an email to the other location (Bay Area) and explained to them what was going on, filled a case with the BBB and Monday I am filling a case with the Fresno PD reporting my booster stolen. Yes, I am f@#%ing pissed!

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I was at church and my phone was ringing crazy... 2 hrs after posting this, Charlie, the owner called 8 times and left me 8 voice mails. I called him back, he apologized on behalf of his guy and said part of the reason was the shaft was pitted and polishing wasn't going to do it. I should have it by next week.

Lamar you were right... This guy is a gentleman, a Master of his kind...

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