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Glenmoor Gathering 2012

Barry Wolk

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Photo credit to my friend Glenn. He's the lucky old guy with his arm around the cutie in the golf cart.

Concours are a lifestyle event. Pebble has turned into a week-long show. This one took place over a Friday-Sunday.

There's a welcoming party on Friday. Many that attend leave to prep their cars for a 90 mile road tour around Canton, Ohio. For people that stay behind on Saturday there are other activities and demonstrations and a show of exotic cars on the front lawn of the Glenmoor Hotel, once a Catholic seminary. There's a silent auction for automotive memorabilia, books and artwork as part of the fundraising.

On Sunday at dawn the cars roll onto the mist covered driving range of the clubs high-end golf course. Each car is assigned a ring and an attendant puts you in the proper position for display. You break out the lawn chairs and talk to people until you're hoarse.

The pictures in the link below start at the Friday event, lead through the exotics on the lawn to the Friday night fund-raiser dinner to the show on Sunday morning. The event is followed by a catered afterglow party.

If you can't find something you like in this show.................................

The cars with the blue ribbons are best of class, red are runners-up, and gold, specialty winners, like sponsor and Chairman awards. The green ribbons tell the judges you participated in the road rally and to cut you some slack for some road dirt.

I'll tease you with the Mormon Meteor. Google it.


The picture album.

Glenmoor 2012 pictures by barry2952 - Photobucket

Oops, the pictures loaded backwards. Start at page 9 and work backwards. Oh crap, it doesn't matter.:banghead:

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