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1936 Packard 120 water pump swap

Guest TJOaks

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I have owned a 36' 120 Touring Sedan for over 15 years. It's a great car and we have had a lot of fun with it at shows and on tours, but the weak point of the car mechanically seems to be the old style water pump with bushings and packing nut. It seems that there is always something going out on it. This particular pump is found on 35-37 models.

In 1938 Packard went to a more modern type water pump that is sealed and has bearings replacing the bushings. This was the type used on the 282 cid eight (120) throughout the rest of its production. Evidently they did make a couple of changes to the pump because of the different applications, 38-39, 40-47.

Has anyone tried to retrofit the newer style sealed waterpump on a 35-37 120 replacing the old bushing & packing type pump? The pump gasket to block looks pretty close. If so, what kind of modifications did you have to make if any?



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I can't help you with the pump interchange but if the original pump is properly rebuilt and the proper type packing installed correctly it should give 40-50,000 miles of trouble-free service at a mimimum. Why not remove it and examine it more closely or send it to one of the professional rebuilders? There are also quite a few folks around that remachine these pumps to take a modern seal and bearings.

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