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Nailhead rebuild

Guest btate

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This 264 ci rebuild has been going on for weeks and weeks. Evertthing is new except crank. Even new rods, new rocker arm shafts and stands. Mechanic said stands were too brittle. I like to have never got the shafts as I called around the country, I was told by each vender that the only ones aviable were made wrong. Too small of dia. So, I waited two weeks to get the fresh new batch in. Then as the mechanic started to install, he first was going to install the timing chain etc and found the chain in the kit was too big by about one and half to two chain links too big. So, I proceeded to call my supplier of the total rebuild kit and have them send out another, they explained that the hurricane had hinder their operation and said to order from another vender and they would refund my money once they received it back. I then called California vender and place the order and ask them to send via UPS red at additional $38. Plus the cost of $27.00 for chain. My mechanic called and said it is the same size. I had my mechanic call the Cali. Vender and he told my mechanic to mount the old sprocket just to see if that made a difference and it did help some but not good enough. He then asked for him to look and see who's Name is on the new sprockets and their was not a name. He said his sprockets are made by SA Gears. I finally told him to just send me a complete set of his SA Gears and chain but just ship UPS ground. I hope this finishes the rebuild.WOW! I got close to $7000. In this nailhead. I bet if I listed it on bay I wouldn't get $1000. For it. Whatever, it's not for sale. I should get the car back from paint shop Tuesday. I guess I just needed to say this and wondering if that is a typical experience rebuilding a nailhead. I am not discouraged. Bill

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