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Cost of new glass for 1937 Buick Roadmaster?


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All 13 pieces of glass for my 36 Roadmaster cost $550 at a local auto glass shop. They polished all viewable edges.


This is good to know. We have to replace all the glass in the wife's 37 Buick Special. Kept the old glass for patterns :)

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If you still need glass I have the finest state of the art facility in the country. If you're doing a 4dr sedan with 4 dr windows 2 wing, front windshield and rear glass cost would be$350 + shipping which normally runs about$60 to $75. The sides and rear are 1/4" clear tempered with polished edges. Front is laminate safety plate. Coupe will be right at $275. The only way I can do them at this price is to have a pattern from your car sent which normally will be on brown stock paper. Let me know, Rich

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