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1953 Buick Skylark kelsey wire wheels

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I have one origional, 1954 date code. Needs re-chrome/ restoration. with orig. spinner. Both are rough and will require work , but for many original is preferable to repro. I want $100.00 + U.P.S. from Canada. I can post photos on my Flicker {Yahoo} account. if you are interested. Thanks Greg in Canada. {British Columbia, about 200 mi. north of Seattle WA.}

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Wow , I looked on Cokers site. His wheels look very nice , but are they really $800.00 each. I am sure my wheel could be restored for less than that , or am I totally out of touch with wire wheel rebuilding -rechromeing. Greg in Canada- probably badly out of touch with todays cost.

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The replacement wheel from Coker Tire is cheaper and, in many ways better, in the long run, depending on your intended use. Bob is correct.

I checked into it for my 1954 Cadillac - Wheels for my Cadillac are similar but not identical to the Buick, but the considerations are the same.

My correct original wheels were (and still are) usable, but I wanted to mount new wide white wall radial tires since this is a driver, and not a show car. The radial tires had paper tags internally which caused abrasion on the tubes, making them go flat.

Since my original wheels were in pretty good shape, but not excellent, I looked into having them rechromed. The cost of taking out each spoke, rechroming the hub, rim, and each spoke (or replacing spokes and nipples, and then having all 5 wheels laced and trued was astronomical, especially when compared to the cost of buying new ones from Coker -- and the new wheels were offered with a silicone gel sealer which allowed me to mount WWW Radials without tubes.

Which ever way you go, good luck with a great car.

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I am not an expert but I have 4 wheels including Buick Hubcaps, which I am willing to sell because I need the space in my garage. The hubcaps are in good shape but not the wheels, they need to be rechromed. I would sell all together for 400 $ plus shipping costs from Germany. If someone's interested I can take pictures,

happy cruisin',


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