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38 Buick Special for sale???


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Lately I've been having itch for 36 -38 Special or Century, so while looking around I came across this listing on Auto Trader.

AutoTrader Classics - 1938 Buick Special Coupe Red 8 Cylinder Manual 2 wheel drive | Antiques | Boston, MA

Does this car look familiar to anyone else? I swear I've seen it on this forum and it wasn't in the Boston area. As I recall it was in the northwest coast, somewhere. Maybe it and it's owner moved East, what do I know, but maybe not.



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I know, it's does look like a good deal, and yes, he really was excited and rightly so, it's a great looking car. One curious thing though, the ad says the car is red but the pictures don't agree. He painted it red and used the old pics?

I emailed him, I'll see what he says.


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Bob, I think you're right it's a bogus ad. I contacted the person listing the car about 3 weeks ago and this is the response I got the other day.

"Hello Dave,

Sorry for the late answer. Something came up and we had to leave immediately out of town. We want to let you know that the car is still available.

The asking price is $12,980. 1938 Buick Special Business Coupe. It has 52,050 miles. The color is green. It was a mistake over the website saying red. The car is located in Maple Valley, WA. Front seat was completely reupholstered in new leather. The door panels and headliner are original and in great shape. The restoration was completed about 2,000 miles ago. You can tell this is a low mileage vehicle by how crisply the doors close shut and that the running boards are original and in great shape. Steering, handling and braking are all crisp like you would expect on a low mileage car. Everything on the car operates correctly and as it should including the original radio and clock. The numbers off of the data plate are as follows: Style No. 38-4427B, Body No. C 352, Trim No. 400, Paint No. 520.

Excellent Condition! No scratches or dents. The engine runs like a top. Clean history. Never been wrecked or involved in any kind of accident. It runs and drives very good, needs nothing! No smoker. It comes with a clear and clean title in hand signed over in the right places, bill of sale signed over and notarized and all the paper work, so all you need to do is to go down to DMV and put the car on your name. Also the manuals books and keys. We want to sell it because we are in desperate need of cash due to my father-in-law several uninspired decisions while gambling, so we end up with a lot of debts and we are about to lose our business as well. We are also about to change our house for a cheaper one in FL and try to sell more other things.

We had a serious buyer before and we lost about 2 weeks waiting for him but we just find out that his loan wasn't approved.

We are currently signed up for a protection program offered by Google Wallet and we would like to close the deal through them. If you are not aware of this program you should know that it will allow you to test drive and inspect the car before paying us. In this way you're not buying something sight unseen. You will have a 5-day inspection period to decide whether you want to keep the car or not before they release the funds to us.

If we reach an agreement, we are willing to take care of the shipping because the fee was already paid by us for the buyer we told you about. The shipping company will not refund us in full but offered to ship the car anywhere within continental US, so it is at their warehouse and it's ready to be shipped anytime. It will be a big advantage for you if you decide to move the car to your location.

Looking forward for your reply if you are interested in the car and I will send you more details about the deal or car as well. Also I only attached one photo. Please let us know if you need some more.


your fav seller"

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The Google Checkout is a scam through and through, when people tell you that inspection of the vehicle for two weeks and free shipping is available. There is such a thing as Google Wallet but it has nothing to do with warehouses or shipping.

The Internet makes it so easy to scam people, and unfortunately a lot of people don't think things through in the excitement of finding a great deal. Hands on the car, cash in hand, and you'll never go wrong. Heck, I was wishing this Buick deal was real, nice car.....

Is there a craigslist google checkout scam going on? I have connected withsomeone wanting to sell an ATV

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Guest SteveAS
Yes, wonder why he is selling after seeming excited about his new car in July, or is this just an old ad from where he bought it?

Here is the thread:


Hmmm . . . the advertisement in the link is gone, but if the pictures are of my car (from my introduction post linked above), then it was indeed a bogus ad. I still have the car and am really enjoying it!

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Guest carsrepairs

Hello people. Dave_B, my advise is to take out the name from your post as i did the same thing in the past and got a lot of problems. The crock come with a lawyer and asked for some money. Also they make me problems because i copy and paste over some forums the communication between me and him. There is a law that allow them to make you troubles because of that. With a good lawyer (as the crock i am talking about had) they can took out some money from you. It is your choice, but my advise is to take down over the forum the conversation with them including their names, before to see it. Maybe they are looking for people like you or me in order to make some cash.

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