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One of my friends is looking to sell his cars and I have no idea about them, I have looked up some information. It seems, however that there is little, inaccurate or no information on some of the models. Here are the cars he wants to sell:

1917 Ford T Truck- 1923 Drive train, no cab, bed, spoke wheels, 2 speed ruxtle axle, crank (has been sitting in yard)

1931 Essex Super 6- 2 door sedan, original, garaged, owned since 1961, engine and transmission out, painted with brush

1948 Hudson Commodore- 6 cyl, garaged, original, footrest, brown and 6 volt

Anyway, I have no idea where to start looking if anyone knows anything about these let me know!

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It all dependes on the condition of the cars, and with out photos and a better description,it's hard to tell.

The Commodore will possibly fetch more than the Essex, if its not rusted out. Does it run? what motor is in it? whats the interior like? is it a usable drivable car? State of paint and chrome.

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