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Rebuilt engine and transmission ready to rick and roll


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Alrighty guys, here is the deal of a lifetime.

I have a completely rebuilt engine, attached to a crate GM transmission available.

The engine has been rebored with new pistons (approx. 3900 CCs now) all new components including ac compressor, alternator, mas air sensor. Water pump, etc. you name it, inside or out, it's brand new on this engine.

It is all installed in an 89 Reatta parts car at the moment. It all comes with brand new suspension components, brakes (calipers, pads, rotors), and new subframe bolts and insulators.

All of this is ready to be installed In your Reatta. Did I mention it comes with everything you need to install a supercharger on it (Including the blower and rebuild kit)?

Also, as an added bonus, I will include the front and back glass with purchase (both in nice shape)

All this car be yours for $1700. The crate tranny alone costs $1200 new. The whole thing cost over $3,500 to build. Not to mention the glass! I can deliver for a reasonable fee.

Call me at 919.233.1973 with any questions.

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