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Texaco Station colored enameled metal siding

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I'm posting this for a friend that has this. It's all the metal siding off of a local Texaco Gas Station. The colored metal enameled siding was a standard for the Texaco gas stations. I have posted pictures of the exact gas station that had it. The picture you see now is block only and not with the Texaxo Green & White metal siding. This will give you an estimate of what it covered. It is now being used as a used car lot. Siding is stored in a building on his farm. Location is Brockport, NY. - Call Don at 585-637-4013 or cell # 585-362-7039. Please call at a reasonable hour Eastern Time Zone.

Price for all siding is $2,500...Cash only and you pick it up.



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Does the owner have one or two photos of the actual siding so the condition can be judged? Also, my assumption is that it only nhas the three sides with the back probably plain concrete block. With three sides and a lot of windows and garage doors, it seems large floor to roof siding pieces might be limited. Any idea of the total area. I for one, find it interesting, but I wonder how much area would be covered by the material on hand.


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I live about 800 miles away from him. I purchased a car chassis from him at the time I seen the Texaco panels. He said that it covered 3 sides of the station. He has no computer and wouldn't know how to operate one. You have to call him to get any additional information. I just would like someone to have the opertunity to use and save the stuff.

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