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Compression Height of '28 Master pistons?


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Here are a couple of pictures of the Olds pistons. They are 3 1/2" bore and 4" high, same as a '28 master. The compression height on these is 2 1/4". If that dimension is close to the '28 master piston I thought it would be an improvement over the cast iron ones. which leads to the original question, what is the compression of '28 master pistons?




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I found out the compression height of the 28 master pistons is 2 3/16, only 1/16 different from the Olds. It would raise the compression ratio a little if you used the Olds pistons in a Buick engine, but that would be a good thing. These pistons are for the Oldsmobile '41 to '48 238 c.i. six cylinder engine.

If you are interested in them send me a pm.


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