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Sequence of events on my "90 3.0, B/G, 100k: Speedo/Odo quit years ago. Car's been sitting, just driven in neighborhood, for 4 years. Started reviving the beauties lights,brakes,etc. and trani would go into limp mode (2nd gear) until turned off/on. I read all the wonderful posts and ultimately changed fluid/filter. Noticed loose wire on top of trani, (toward back of car) while replacing inner tie rod. It had been ripped from connector. Soldered on, now speedo/odo works. Trani is better, no longer locks in limp mode, but still bangs/slams into lower gears at times. Does much better in "D" (98% trouble free), but of course gas mileage suffers. But it does not lock in second gear, maybe that function is broken (or fixed?) now. P.S.: Occasionally the speedo has fits and jumps around, but tires and settles down. I've read about the speed sensor(input or output?) on the front driver's corner 6" up from pan and will check connection to it now. I do not know what this unit does. Hope it's something I can fix without the trani dudes "having to go thru it". I would appreciate any enlightenment.

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I feel your pain, l had the same limp mode events in the last couple of month. Exactly the same. A local transmission repair shop manager thought that it is time to rebuild the tranny. He couldn't find codes and engine light was off. Drove the car for more weeks with couple events of limp mode. Very bad feeling! Decided to get second opinion and left the car for a full day in Chrysler dealer. He found codes in his checks and decide that the TCM need to be replaced. It was replaced this week. So far so good! Hopefully no more limp mode...

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Guest My TC Toy

What type of fluid did you put into the tranny. This is a fussy tranny and you should use only Mopar ATF 7176. Any other fluid can cause problems. I do not know if this is your problem, but I would suggest you visit a Chrysler dealer and talk to a tranny specialist.

Good luck.


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