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Removing door window frames 1937 Buick Roadmaster


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The window frames are installed with friction-fit backwards-facing rolled metal springs. The frames should just simply pull out.

My experience is more of a problem of keeping the frames IN rather than getting them OUT. My LR door window frame has to be bumped back into place every time I close the door.


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Hi Tom,

Thought it may be helpful to you what I found when I took out my window frames.

The rear door frames came out just like you described.

The front had three spring clips like you described, but the fourth slip was attached by a screw accessed from the side of the door frame.

Perhaps your car is missing this screw, or clip which pretty much locked my front door frame in place.

The right hand picture shows the location of the four clips, counting from right to left.

The left hand picture shows the location of the screw that sheet-metal screws through the side of the door and fits into a clearance hole in the fourth clip.

Whether this clip is common to all Roadmasters, or not, it really held my window frame securely.

Thanks again for your help.

Without your guidance I would not have had a clue how to proceed.





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