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Reatta targa top


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Guest Mc_Reatta

Wonder if it's a true targa or just a roadster as I don't see a top panel included. Wonder how rigid it remained. Maybe a T-Top would have been a better choice.

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While I prefer the understated luxury coupe look of the stock Reatta, that is actually a rather respectable mod, not too "over the top" in sportiness IMO. I would've omitted the [presumably] non-functional side ports (on front and rear fenders) and maybe the oddly placed GS insignia on the short lip of the trunk lid [probably better placed on the rear filler], but other than that I do like the look of it. The ad makes no mention of whether the power-train has been tweaked, so perhaps the hood scoop is just for looks. At the asking price, I don't imagine it has had the engine/transmission upgraded. Nonetheless, it is a pretty nice car, and certainly one of a kind.


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I agree with you Kevin. I'm not sure I would want a hood scoop on a Reatta but I don't think it looks bad with that paint scheme, which I like.

It reminds me a little of the paint scheme Paul Newman had on a lot of his race cars. With a little imagination I can see a Reatta painted like this. I don't know that I can see me driving it but who knows... :D


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