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1925 Dodge - oil for gearbox and rear axle?

Guest occrj

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Hi all,

Just curious regarding what grade lubricant you guys use in your gearbox and rear axle?

Plus, is there a clear way of measuring the oil level in the 'box?

thanks, Richard :-)

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There have been many topics on this and the advice varies by the 'era' of the car and the level of technology advancement. Not sure where a 25 falls, but in my 1919 I use 600wt -available from Restoration Supply or Model A dealers - for the tranny and the rear end. For my car the instructions were to fill the tranny just above one of the gears. For the rear end it is easy enough as there is both a drain and fill plug with the fill plug about 70 up the 'pimpkin'.

You may want to do a forum search and see if the weights I mention are applicable to a 25. By 1925 they may have been able to use some lighter weight oil.


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In our last debate on the subject, it was generally agreed that 600 wt should be used in both the gearbox and rear axle but some felt that the addition of STP could possibly help with the gearchange. The gearbox can be a handful; especially changing down, so a heavy oil will help to slow the gears and make a quiet change easier to achieve. Without synchromesh, double declutching is necessary - but you probably know that.


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Thanks everyone, I'd tried a search but didn't find anything - however a search for 600w brings up some very interesting threads. I'm hoping that a friend of mine has a tin or two of Penrite Transoil 250, I'll be visiting his shed this morning.

Great forum

RJ :-)

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